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MeFrank Lichtner works as freelance software developer. 
He is the creator, developer of the well known 'Pinguin Audio Meter' and was mostly involved in the development of software for professional audio equipment, subtitling software and digital audio interconnection systems. He started his career as a drummer, then built up and managed his own recording studio and worked then as sound engineer for live events in several companies. In 1990 he made his first steps with software programming and later puts the benefits of his long experience in the audio industry into the development of professional audio software.

  •  Pinguin
    Pinguin Audio Multi Meter, professional multi purpose audio metering system.HDIR Creator, software for getting very high resolution acoustical fingerprints. 

  •  Audio Service
    D.A.I.S. Digital Audio Interconnection System.  AD824/AD8HR Remote.

  •  Klotz Digital
    VADIS Station Manager. 

  •  Auro-3D / Auro Technologies
    Auromatic Pro. 

  • Miscellaneous
    CDBaseNet: TCP/IP controlled remote PC software for DENON CD changer systems with database connection.
    Subtitling software for Chyron systems. 
    ABCDControl: Mastering tool to compare mixes.